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What is CoolMini™?

At Bella Derma Medi Spa, many of our patients have been treated with CoolSculpting®, a non-surgical, minimally-invasive body contouring treatment that applies cooling energy to excess fat cells in order to destroy them. CoolSculpting® can treat areas with moderate to large fat buildup, such as the thighs, stomach, buttocks, and flanks, but for smaller areas – particularly under the chin – we can use CoolMini™. This treatment can effectively reduce signs of a “double chin”, which can be a frustrating condition, especially when diet and exercise are unable to help. A miniature version of the CoolSculpting® treatment, CoolMini™ can produce results that are just as exceptional!

What Are the Benefits of CoolMini™?

Both women and men can benefit from the ability of CoolMini™ to reduce excess fat under the chin and enhance neck contours. The advantages of CoolMini™ include:

Who is a Typical Candidate for CoolMini™?

CoolMini™ can help rid patients of mild to moderate degrees of submental fat (fat that accumulates under the chin), as well as stubborn fat on other small areas of the body, such as the knees or rolls on the back. For fat buildup in larger body areas, CoolSculpting® or EMSCULPT® may be a better option, and severe or extremely stubborn isolated fat pockets are often best suited for liposuction.  

Like CoolSculpting®, CoolMini™ is not a weight loss treatment. On the contrary, a candidate for CoolMini™ should be one who is not far from their ideal weight, but is struggling to get rid of isolated fat pockets in smaller areas of the body such as the submental region. We can meet with you for an initial consultation to evaluate your needs and determine whether you are a good candidate for CoolMini™ treatment. 

What Does the CoolMini™ Procedure Involve?

The CoolMini™ procedure involves the application of a handheld device to the treatment area. The device “freezes” the excess fat cells within the targeted area, causing them to break apart. The targeted fat cells should then exit the body via natural processes. The results should become noticeable over the next few months as the destroyed fat cells are gradually metabolized and filtered out, leading to enhanced neck contours.

CoolMini™ sessions usually last around one hour or less, and patients are often able to return to work directly afterward. While CoolMini™ is not considered a painful treatment, you may feel slight numbness or tingling during and after the application, but this should fade quickly.

What Are the Typical Results of CoolMini™?

Because fat cells do not grow back, the results of CoolMini™ can be very long-lasting (although new fat cells can grow in their place in the event of significant weight gain). Patients should begin to see the initial results after around three weeks, and continued improvement should become apparent over the next couple of months. 

To learn more about CoolMini™, CoolSculpting®, or any of the other procedures we offer, contact Bella Derma MediSpa today.