Biomedic MicroPeel New Jersey

Customized for each patient’s skin type, the micropeel helps increase cellular turnover and refines the epidermis. A series of these peels increases collagen and elastin production, reduces hyperpigmentation, and refines pores and fine lines. The three-step process removes a micro-thin layer of skin. This is the layer of skin that consists of clogged pores that obstruct the development of healthy, beautiful skin.

The Biomedic MicroPeel is a safe and effective procedure that we perform in 15–20 minutes here at the Bella Derma Medi Spa. In most cases, this peel requires 4–6 corrective treatments to achieve the desired results. Schedule a consultation to see if the Biomedic MicroPeel is right for you.

  • $110

Clinical Peel Package Pricing

MicroPeel, MicroPeel Plus & Microdermabrasion

  • 3 for $225
  • 4 for $300
  • 5 for $375
  • 6 for $425

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