Handbags & More from About Color

About Color makes fashion jewelry and handbags based on a woman’s love of color. Women base their clothing and jewelry accessories upon the colors they wear. About Color makes beautiful products that let women explore their inner artist: accessories that complement or accent their favorite colors. Each handbag and bracelet offered is hand-beaded and crafted piece by piece.

Handbags by About Color

Handbags by About ColorTreat yourself to a splash of color with beaded handbags from About Color. There are many styles and sizes for you to choose from. Select a color palette and accessorize your favorite outfits.

Bracelets by About Color

Bracelets by About ColorBeaded bracelets show off more than your wrist: they display your stylish sense of color and playful nature. Find the bracelet that best suits your mood, your clothes, or your aesthetic. There are many different bracelets to chose from.

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