Spa Candles and Other Scented Products

Recreate the spa environment at home! These fragrance-enhanced products will relax you at home and remind of your spa treatment with us. They also make great gifts.

Archipelago Fragrance Diffuser

Archipelago Fragrance DiffuserThese Archipelago fragrance diffusers add a decorative touch to any room—and they will fill your home for several months with their intoxicating fragrances.

Archipelago Soy Candles

Archipelago Soy CandlesExperience the charms of Archipelago soy candles. Available in a variety of exquisite fragrances, they are made from the finest oils saturated throughout premium wax that contains all-natural soy wax. These jar candles are handmade and burn for about 60 hours. Try the different scents available.

Lemon Grass Candles

Lemon Grass CandlesThe Original Lemon Grass of Soho, New York, is a leading manufacturer of exquisite handmade candles. Admired for their beauty, these candles are designed by artists whose masterpieces compliment any decor. Lemon Grass candles have long, lingering, unique fragrances that will relax and keep you captivated for hours upon hours.

Zents Shea Butter Balm and Bath Salts

Zents Shea Butter BalmButter balm is perfumery’s oldest tradition—a multi-use, highly fragrant solid perfume balm, hand-poured into a stone cube. It contains floral extracts and essential oils in an alcohol-free shea butter/beeswax formula. Zents scented bath salt will rejuvenate you while you soak. Found in the treatment rooms of some of the finest resort and day spas in the US, the salts are now available direct to you.

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