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At Bella Derma Medi Spa, our board-certified plastic surgeon, Christopher Godek, MD, and his experienced skin care team can help you enhance your natural beauty and create a more youthful, vibrant, and refreshed appearance. Non-surgical treatment options available in our luxury spa environment include:

Bella Derma can help you renew your appearance with beautiful and natural looking results!

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This innovative non-surgical treatment can provide the skin with a “lifting” effect, ultimately creating a smoother, firmer aesthetic. Ultherapy® delivers ultrasonic energy waves deep within the skin to help stimulate new collagen growth. This process can improve skin affected by wrinkles and inelasticity in areas such as the face, neck, and décolletage, producing tighter skin and a more youthful appearance.

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Do you suffer from isolated pockets of excess fat that simply won’t go away, no matter how much you diet and exercise? CoolSculpting® is a revolutionary procedure that can reduce excess fat in a variety of body areas without the need for surgery. This extraordinary treatment is designed to target specific fat cells and help the body gradually filter them out through natural metabolic processes. With CoolSculpting®, you can diminish the appearance of stubborn fat pockets in the love handles, chest, abdomen, neck, and other regions for results that beautifully renew your body contours.

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Enhance, refine, and recontour specific areas of your body with the revolutionary EMSCULPT® procedure. This innovative body contouring treatment requires no surgery and no downtime. EMSCULPT® harnesses the power of electromagnetic energy to stimulate muscles much faster than a normal exercise routine can accomplish, ultimately helping individuals burn fat, strengthen muscles, and improve tone in areas such as the abdomen, arms, legs, or buttocks.


Bella Derma Medi Spa offers an extensive selection of the latest cosmetic injectables, including popular options such as BOTOX® Cosmetic, the JUVÉDERM® line of products, Restylane®, Jeuveau®, and more. With advanced injectables and dermal fillers, we can help you minimize signs of wrinkles and fine lines, add volume and refined contours to specific facial features, and give your skin a more refreshed look.

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The effective remedy for one of the most common aesthetic issues facing women today is finally here: Avéli™. This FDA-approved, non-surgical treatment is designed to reduce the dimples and skin depressions that make cellulite so noticeable. By addressing the root cause of cellulite, Avéli™ can give the skin a smoother, healthier appearance with results that last for years!

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Treat yourself to an upgraded facial by enjoying the experience as much as the results! HydraFacial® treatments exfoliate, cleanse, and enrich the skin to address common skin conditions and produce a healthier, more refreshed look. At the same time, the technique is designed to create a soothing, even massage-like treatment.

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