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ZO® Medical Skin Care Products


Combines retinol, plant antioxidants, and enzymes to rapidly brighten the skin and even the skin tone, minimizing redness and smoothing the appearance of skin texture.


Rejuvenates the skin with a high-potency 1.0% retinol solution, helping to reverse signs of aging. The special blend of antioxidants and proteins  promotes the natural formation of collagen and facilitates the skin’s natural hydrating processes.


The 4% hydroquinone solution mutes the overproduction of melanin in the skin, lightening hyperpigmentation to result in a smoother, healthier-looking skin tone.


This highly active, 4% hydroquinone bleaching cream reduces the appearance of chloasma, melasma, and freckles to create a lighter, more even skin tone.


Helps clear acne by simultaneously cleansing and exfoliating, removing oil and impurities from the skin while reducing the occurrence of skin inflammation that leads to acne.


Conditions, firms, and deeply cleans using a highly advanced formula to remove impurities, encourage collagen production, and nourish the skin.


Renews the skin and reduces inflammation with an innovative blend of glycolic acid, lactic acid, and antioxidants, helping to prevent future skin damage and leaving the skin looking healthier and feeling less irritated.


Moisturizes and conditions skin by balancing skin pH levels, leaving skin feeling calm, healthy, and hydrated.


Treats and prevents acne outbreaks, exfoliates skin and reduces inflammation, removing bacteria and dead skin to leave a smooth, even complexion.


Tretinoin Vitamin A/ retinoid acne treatment, available in 0.1% and  0.05% prescription strengths in 20 g tubes.

If you would like to learn more about ZO® Medical Skin Care, please contact our office today and a member of our staff will be happy to assist you.