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Hair Removal with Forever Bare BroadBand Light™ (BBL™) Therapy

Here at Bella Derma, we strive to provide both women and men advanced techniques that can reduce undesired hair with long-lasting results. The Forever Bare BBL™ system from Sciton® offers an effective way to achieve this goal and dramatically minimize frustrating (and often painful) waxing, plucking, and shaving routines. This laser hair removal alternative is designed to target hair follicles with pulses of light energy, destroying the roots to the point that they fall out and never grow back. With BroadBand Light™ energy, Dr. Christopher Godek and our team of experienced aesthetic professionals can provide exceptional hair removal results that last for many years to come!

What Can Forever Bare BBL™ Hair Removal Treatment Do for Me?

Forever Bare BBL™ is an innovative hair removal system that offers a number of distinct benefits over other types of hair reduction techniques. Instead of a laser, Forever Bare BBL™ uses light energy to accomplish its goals. It is less invasive in comparison to other procedures, and can provide more comprehensive treatment in the target areas. The technique also allows for a more even pattern of heating when targeting the hair follicles, which can ultimately diminish the chances of missing specific hairs in the treatment area. Forever Bare BBL™ is also known for its speed and efficiency, and a cooling mechanism equipped to the handpiece can reduce discomfort both during the procedure and after the treatment. In addition, Forever Bare BBL™ can be effective for a wide variety of skin types, can be used on virtually any area of the body, and should not harm areas of skin surrounding the targeted regions. Best of all, the results can last decades, and perhaps even a lifetime!

Laser Hair Removal vs. BBL™ Hair Removal

A term such as “laser hair removal” is often used interchangeably with virtually all types of laser-based or light-based hair removal therapies; however, there are some differences between some of the more traditional laser hair removal techniques and the Forever Bare BBL™ hair removal platform. Some laser hair removal technologies utilize a high amount of energy directed all at once into a targeted area of skin, whereas the Forever Bare BBL™ technique utilizes a lower amount of light energy delivered to the treatment area in successive rapid pulses. BBL™ therapy can also be customized to deliver multiple wavelengths of light energy at a variety of skin depths; some of the older laser techniques may not have that capability. To be sure, many traditional laser platforms offer several benefits for cosmetic rejuvenation, but there are certainly distinctions between older laser technologies and BBL™-based treatments such as the Forever Bare option. Our team will be happy to meet with you during an initial consultation to determine whether Forever Bare BBL™ treatment is right for your needs.

How Does Forever Bare BBL™ Hair Removal Work?

During the Forever Bare BBL™ procedure, a skilled member of our Bella Derma Medi Spa team will gently guide the advanced handpiece over the areas targeted for hair removal. As the handpiece delivers light pulses to the hair follicles, the cooling mechanism should make the process more comfortable. The targeted hairs should eventually fall out on their own not long after the treatment.

Most individuals do not experience excessive redness or irritation after the Forever Bare BBL™ procedure. For optimal results, we may recommend a series of treatment sessions. Once you have been evaluated during the initial consultation, our team can talk with you about the number of Forever Bare BBL™ treatments necessary to achieve your goals.

How Long Do Forever Bare BBL™ Hair Removal Results Last?

Forever Bare BBL™ is designed to produce extremely long-lasting effects. Many patients experience hair-free skin in the treatment area for several years (even decades) after the initial series of treatments.

If you would like to schedule a consultation to determine whether Forever Bare BBL™ for hair removal is right for your needs, please contact Bella Derma today.